Org Watch is a website to track people and organizations.

Inclusion criteria

At the moment, inclusion criteria for Org Watch are completely arbitrary.

How the site was built

The site is built using PHP for the interface and logic and MySQL for the database. The site design is influenced by Vipul Naik’s websites (e.g. his Donations List Website). You can find the Git repository on GitHub, which has all the code and data.

So far, all of the website code is written by Issa Rice. Sebastian Sanchez, Amana Rice, and Vipul Naik have provided contributions to the data.

Funding is provided by Vipul Naik (see here for the Org Watch funding). That page only covers task payment. The site is developed under work time for Vipul, which is funded by a stipend as well. The stipend payment for AI Watch can be calculated as a percentage of the total stipend depending on how much time I have spent working on this site. Development on Vipul’s time is limited to one day per week (for several more weeks). I will add a calculation here at some point.

Finding people/positions to add to the site was an informal process.


Development for AI Watch began on October 23, 2017.

Expansion to positions outside of AI safety (Org Watch) began on June 17, 2018. The Org Watch subdomain became active on June 21, 2018.


If you have feedback for the site, email Issa at riceissa@gmail.com. You can also add an issue on the GitHub repository. All feedback including praise, criticism, concerns, thoughts on the usability of the site, feature requests, and people or positions that should be added, are appreciated.