Intersect Matthew Graves and Oliver Habryka

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Organization Matthew Graves Oliver Habryka
Center for Applied Rationality Adjunct Instructor (2017-04-012019-02-01) Adjunct Instructor, Design, and Branding (2016-12-012019-02-01); Summer Internship (2013-06-012013-08-01)
Lightcone Infrastructure (2017-06-012021-07-01) LessWrong 2.0 Project Lead (2016-12-012021-10-01); CEO (2021-11-042022-05-11); Team (2022-07-11–)
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Staff Writer (2016-10-012018-05-01) Summer Internship (2013-06-012013-08-01); Volunteer (2013-06-012013-08-01)

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