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Organization Title Start date End date Employment type Source Notes
Animal Charity Evaluators Board Aide 2014-12-01 2015-05-01 board member [1], [2]
Animal Charity Evaluators Research Associate 2015-08-01 2016-05-01 full-time [3], [4]
Animal Charity Evaluators Researcher 2016-05-01 2017-07-01 full-time [4], [5]
GiveWell Summer Research Analyst 2014-05-01 2014-08-01 intern [6]

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Title Publication date Author Publisher Affected organizations Affected people Document scope Cause area Notes
The peculiar #metoo story of animal activist Jacy Reese 2019-03-28 Marc Gunther Sentience Institute, Centre for Effective Altruism Jacy Reese, Kelly Witwicki, Julia Wise HR controversy Animal welfare Marc Gunther, a commentator on animal welfare activism and nonprofit activity, discusses the backstory and implications of the apology post [7] of animal activist Jacy Reese. He includes more discussion of the role of the Center for Effective Altruism, and links to the Google Doc [8] with answers by Kelly Witwicki providing background. Witwicki works with Reese at the Sentience Institute and is also engaged to Reese
Apology 2019-03-22 Jacy Reese Effective Altruism Forum Sentience Institute, Centre for Effective Altruism Jacy Reese HR controversy Animal welfare Jacy Reese, a public figure in animal welfare advocacy and a key member of the Sentience Institute, posts an apology on the Effective Altruism Forum: "It has recently been brought to my attention that I have made people uncomfortable through my verbal and written advances. I’m deeply sorry to everyone I hurt or made uncomfortable. I intend to step back from public life and the activism communities I’ve belonged to and reflect on my mistakes further." Marc Gunther, a commentator on animal welfare activism and nonprofit activity, describes the post as follows in [9] "An 812-word statement, under the headline “Apology,” posted last week by Reese on the forum of the Centre for Effective Altruism, the global hub of the effective altruism movement."
A Summer on the Bay: Reflections on Working at GiveWell, Animal Rights, and the EA Community 2014-08-18 Jacy Reese GiveWell Jacy Reese Job experience Charity evaluator On his personal blog, Jacy Reese describes his experience working at GiveWell in the summer of 2014. He says he thoroughly enjoyed his time, and felt the employees epitomize effective altruist virtues of altruism and critical thinking, as applied not just to charities and causes but also topics like contemporary political issues and nutrition. He describes GiveWell's investigative process as a "unique combination of qualitative and quantitative reasoning" and says that, after joining GiveWell, he shifted to viewing GiveWell as a pilot study of strategic philanthropy. He says: "By first investigating a cause with relatively large amounts of academic and rigorous data available, GiveWell could invest in procedural information before venturing into less easily quantified causes. This new understanding partially eased my concerns, but I still fear GiveWell’s investigative process overemphasizes measurability — even in GiveWell Labs — but I am optimistic about the future of their investigations, particularly in the causes of global catastrophic risks and animal agriculture."

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