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Rethink Priorities Staff Researcher 2020-10-01 full-time [1], [2]
Rethink Priorities Staff Researcher 2020-10-01 full-time [3], [2]

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I was asked to comment here. As you know, I did a data science internship at Impossible Foods in late 2016. I'm mostly jotting down my own experiences, along with some anonymized information from talking to others. 2019-07-20 Linchuan Zhang Effective Altruism Forum Impossible Foods Linchuan Zhang Job experience Animal welfare Linchuan Zhang lists pros and cons of working at Impossible Foods. Pros listed: highly mission-driven, diversity, niceness, interesting problems, lots of opportunities to grow, benefits, reasonable work-life balance, component CEO. Cons: low pay, subpar conflict resolution, less technical mentorship, and incrementalist nature of the work. Neutrals: High prestige in the public eye relativeto size, environmentalism as a dominant worldview (i.e., deep ecology)

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