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GiveWell Research Analyst 2014-08-01 2016-06-04 full-time [1], [2]
Ought Collaborator [3]

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Does anyone know what happened at CEA regarding the leadership change? 2019-02-26 Milan Griffes Effective Altruism Facebook group Centre for Effective Altruism Larissa Hesketh-Rowe Employee departure Effective altruism/movement growth Milan Griffes seeks more background for the public announcement of the departure of CEA CEO Larissa Hesketh-Rowe [4] In the comments, Sam Deere of CEA says "We don't provide specific details when staff depart the organisation." Also, others in the comments say that the announcement by CEA was unprofessional in many ways. Relatedly, Milan notes in the comments that Kerry Vaughan also appears to have left CEA
Should you work at GiveWell? Reflections from a recent employee. 2016-08-15 Milan Griffes 80,000 Hours GiveWell Milan Griffes Job experience Charity evaluator Milan Griffes, who worked at GiveWell from August 2014 to May 2016, describes his experience working for the organization. He lists the following positives: worldview building, professional skills, networking within the effective altruism community, and humanitarian impact. He lists the following as things GiveWell does well as an employer: flexible working schedule, access to co-founders and senior staff, receptiveness to staff input, clear communication about performance and trajectory, and hard-working culture. He lists the following areas to improve upon: top-down decision making, time tracking, performance evaluation, team building, and lack of explicit emphasis on self-care. The original post is on the author's personal blog [5]

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