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Basic information

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Other names ARC
Country United States
Team page
Launch date 2021-04-01
Wikipedia page
Last recorded date when we made major data updates for this org 2023-09-12
Source [1]

Positions count by year

Hover over a name to see the position and date range. This table only includes positions where at least the start date is known. The positions count can count the same person multiple times if they held different positions; similarly, the list of staff may include the same person multiple times if they held more than one position during a single year. For each year, a person is included if they were at the organization for any part of the year; this means the actual staff count at any point during the year can be lower (or higher, if some staff held multiple positions in a single year).

Year Positions count Researchers General staff Associates Board members Advisors
2021 3 Mark Xu, Paul Christiano Kyle Scott
2022 9 Aryan Bhatt, Mark Xu, Paul Christiano Elizabeth Barnes, Josh Jacobson, Kyle Scott, Lawrence Chan, Max Hasin, Timothy Kokotajlo
2023 27 Aryan Bhatt, Aryan Bhatt, Eric Neyman, Jacob Hilton, Mark Xu, Paul Christiano Amanda She, Brian Goodrich, Chris Painter, Elizabeth Barnes, Emma Abele, Haoxing Du, Hjalmar Wijk, Josh Jacobson, Kyle Scott, Kyle Scott, Lawrence Chan, Lucas Sato, Luke Miles, Max Hasin, Megan Kinniment, Quentin Feuillade-Montixi, Rae She, Rebecca Baron, Tao Lin, Ted Suzman, Timothy Kokotajlo

Number of full-time staff at the beginning each year

The following table lists some dates and people who were at the organization on the given date (namely, the start of the year). The table may not list every person who worked for the organization (e.g. they could have joined and left in the middle of a single year). This table excludes associates, interns, advisors, and board members.

Date Staff count Staff
2022-01-01 3 Kyle Scott, Mark Xu, Paul Christiano
2023-01-01 10 Aryan Bhatt, Elizabeth Barnes, Hjalmar Wijk, Josh Jacobson, Kyle Scott, Lawrence Chan, Mark Xu, Max Hasin, Paul Christiano, Timothy Kokotajlo

Full history of additions and subtractions

This table shows the full change history of positions. Each row corresponds to at least one addition or removal of a position. Additions are in green and subtractions are in red. If a position name changed, it is listed simultaneously as an addition (of the new name) and removal (of the old name) and colored yellow. Additionally there are faded variants of each color for visited links.

Date Number of positions Number of positions added Number of positions removed Positions added Positions removed
2021-04-26 1 1 0 Paul Christiano
2021-07-01 2 1 0 Kyle Scott
2021-08-01 3 1 0 Mark Xu
2022-07-01 4 1 0 Max Hasin
2022-08-01 5 1 0 Elizabeth Barnes
2022-09-01 6 1 0 Josh Jacobson
2022-10-01 7 1 0 Timothy Kokotajlo
2022-11-01 9 2 0 Aryan Bhatt, Lawrence Chan
2023-01-01 10 1 0 Hjalmar Wijk
2023-02-01 9 0 -1 Aryan Bhatt
2023-03-01 16 7 0 Brian Goodrich, Emma Abele, Haoxing Du, Lucas Sato, Luke Miles, Megan Kinniment, Quentin Feuillade-Montixi
2023-05-01 17 2 -1 Chris Painter, Kyle Scott Kyle Scott
2023-05-29 18 1 0 Tao Lin
2023-06-05 19 1 0 Jacob Hilton
2023-08-01 21 2 0 Amanda She, Aryan Bhatt
2023-08-20 22 1 0 Ted Suzman
2023-09-12 24 2 0 Rae She, Rebecca Baron
2023-09-14 25 1 0 Eric Neyman

List of people (27 positions)

Person Title Start date End date Employment type Source Notes
Amanda She Executive Assistant (ARC Evals) 2023-08-01 full-time [2]
Aryan Bhatt SERI MATS Research Scholar 2022-11-01 2023-02-01 full-time [3]
Aryan Bhatt Visiting Researcher 2023-08-01 full-time [3]
Brian Goodrich Member of Technical Staff 2023-03-01 [4], [5]
Chris Painter Member of Technical Staff (ARC Evals) 2023-05-01 full-time [6], [5]
Elizabeth Barnes Project Lead (ARC Evals) 2022-08-01 full-time [7], [5]
Emma Abele Chief of Staff (ARC Evals) 2023-03-01 full-time [4], [8], [5]
Eric Neyman Researcher 2023-09-14 [9], [10]
Hjalmar Wijk Member of Technical Staff 2023-01-01 full-time [11], [4], [5] Machine Learning Researcher. He works on the ARC evals team evaluating the capabilities and safety of machine learning systems, trying to reduce worst-case risks from future models.
Haoxing Du Member of Technical Staff (ARC Evals) 2023-03-01 full-time [12], [5]
Jacob Hilton Researcher 2023-06-05 [13], [9]
Josh Jacobson Interim Operations Lead (Evals), Formerly Interim Operations Lead (Theory) 2022-09-01 contractor [14]
Kyle Scott Operations Manager 2021-07-01 2023-05-01 part-time [15]
Kyle Scott Operations Manager 2023-05-01 full-time [15], [5]
Lawrence Chan Member of Technical Staff 2022-11-01 full-time [16], [4], [5]
Lucas Sato Member of Technical Staff (ARC Evals) 2023-03-01 full-time [17], [5]
Luke Miles Member of Technical Staff 2023-03-01 [4], [5]
Mark Xu Researcher 2021-08-01 full-time [13], [9], [18]
Max Hasin Model Evaluator 2022-07-01 contractor [19]
Megan Kinniment Member of Technical Staff 2023-03-01 full-time [4], [5], [20]
Paul Christiano Researcher 2021-04-26 [21], [13], [9]
Quentin Feuillade-Montixi Model Evaluator 2023-03-01 contractor [22] Remote work with the ARC eval team. Skilled in prompt engineering
Rae She Executive Assistant 2023-09-12 [5], [5]
Rebecca Baron Member of Operations Staff 2023-09-12 [5], [5]
Tao Lin Member of Technical Staff 2023-05-29 [23], [5]
Ted Suzman Member of Technical Staff 2023-08-20 [24], [5]
Timothy Kokotajlo Contractor 2022-10-01 contractor [25]

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