Information for Paul Christiano

Basic information

Item Value
Country United States
GitHub username paulfchristiano
LessWrong username paulfchristiano
Intelligent Agent Foundations Forum username Paul_Christiano
Source [1]
Donations List Website (data still preliminary) donor

List of positions

Organization Title Start date End date Employment type Source Notes
OpenAI 2017-01-01 full-time [1], [2], [3] The description given is "working on alignment"
OpenAI Intern 2016-05-25 [4], [5]
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Research Associate 2013-05-01 2015-03-01 [6], [7]
AI Impacts [8]
Theiss Research Contractor contractor [9]
Future of Humanity Institute Research Associate [10], [11]
University of California, Berkeley [9], [12], [13]
Open Philanthropy Project Technical advisor advisor [14]
Ought Collaborator [15]
Ought Board member board member [15]


Name Creation date Description
Ordinary Ideas 2011-12-21 Paul Christiano’s blog about “weird AI stuff” [16].
AI Alignment 2016-05-28 Paul Christiano’s blog about AI alignment.
AI Alignment Prize 2017-11-03 With Zvi Mowshowitz, Vladimir Slepnev. A prize for work that advances understanding in alignment of smarter-than-human artificial intelligence. Winners for the first round, as well as announcement of the second round, can be found at [17]. Winners for the second round, as well as announcement of the third round, can be found at [18].