Intersect Aryenish Birdie and Cameron Meyer Shorb

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Organization Aryenish Birdie Cameron Meyer Shorb
The Good Food Institute Advisor (2017-11-27–) Innovation Coordinator (2017-03-072018-02-24); Policy Coordinator (2018-12-01–); Team Expansion Leader (2018-02-24–)

Organization documents (1 document)

Title Publication date Author Publisher Affected organizations Affected people Document scope Cause area Notes
Roundtable: what can animal charities do to promote healthy work cultures? 2018-04-17 Toni Adleberg Animal Charity Evaluators Encompass, Animal Charity Evaluators, The Good Food Institute, Compassion in World Farming USA Aryenish Birdie, Sofia Davis-Fogel, Cameron Meyer Shorb, David Soleil General discussion of organizational practices Animal welfare The blog post is a roundtable between people in animal welfare organizations. It is mainly focused on what the organizations can do to promote healthy work cultures. Common themes emphasized by multiple participants include: encouraging and listening to feedback, work-life balance, clarity of policies, and the importance of investing in culture.